Yellow Eyed Penguin Plush Toy


Yellow Eyed Penguin Plush Toy



These soft plush Yellow Eyed Penguins make great gifts and by purchasing you're helping to save an endangered species! $8 from every penguin sold goes to the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust for the conservation of yellow-eyed penguins. 

Yellow-eyed penguins / hoiho are one of the rarest penguins in the world and are only found in New Zealand. Its Māori name, hoiho (meaning noise shouter), was given because of its shrill call. The yellow-eyed penguin is also known as takaraka, and an ancient Māori name was tavora. Hoiho are not as social as other penguins. Very shy, they prefer to nest often well away and out of sight of their neighbours.

Hoiho are dependent on both marine and terrestrial habitats. The land provides nesting habitat as well as loafing, roosting and moulting space. The sea provides food for hoiho and is essential for dispersal and movement between terrestrial habitats. There are only 250 breeding pairs of yellow-eyed penguins left in New Zealand. As one of the most endangered penguins in the world, the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust needs your help to ensure we can continue our conservation work and ensure this penguin stays around for future generations to enjoy.



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