Covid-19 Protection Framework

Safety and wellbeing are at the forefront of Scenic Hotel Group and the services we provide and as such we are adhering to the New Zealand Government COVID-19 Protection Framework.

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Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

We've implemented higher cleaning standards across our group. Read more on this below.

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Traffic Light Protocols

We've put processes in place no matter which traffic light level applies to our hotels and venues.


Social Distancing

Social distancing measures are in place to ensure minimal contact. Masks continue to be required.

Covid-19 Requirements 

We are adhering to the New Zealand government guidelines traffic light framework. This means that some of our venues and outlets may have capacity limits in place. Masks are required to be worn in all common areas of the hotel - including restaurants and function rooms. Should the Governments guidelines change, our policy and regulations may be altered to fit inline with new amendments.

Face Coverings:

As mandated by the New Zealand Government,

  • All screens and touch points to be sanitised regularly
  • Hand sanitiser will be at the reception desk for guests to use
  • There will be minimal touch/contact between staff and guests

Check-in process:

  • All screens and touch points to be sanitised regularly
  • Hand sanitiser will be at the reception desk for guests to use
  • There will be minimal touch/contact between staff and guests

Check-out process:

  • Guests are to leave their room key on the reception counter or in a drop box if available
  • Guests will be emailed receipts/invoices rather than be provided a printed copy
  • If a guest needs to sign a receipt or invoice, pens will be sanitized after each use

Elevator Etiquette

  • It is recommended that only one staff member or guest/ bubble occupy the elevator at any one time
  • Rails and buttons to be cleaned hourly


  • Ecolab product is used for the cleaning of all spaces including guest rooms*
  • Touchpoints within guest rooms to be fully sanitised after each guest departs, including but not limited to:
    • Room: light switches, power points, door handles, mini-bar frontages, safe buttons, remote control, air conditioning controls, lamps & curtain pulls
    • Bathroom: Walls and floor, around basin taps and shower rose, shower door handle (if applicable), hair dryer handle
  • Shower curtains and bath mats (where applicable) to be replaced between guests.
  • Top two layers of tissues, and first 10 sheets of toilet paper to be removed and disposed of between each guest
  • Toilet brushes will be sanitised between each guest
  • The repeat use of collateral in the room (e.g. guest compendium, room service menu etc.) has been minimised
  • Guests will receive a welcome email that will include a compendium of hotel services and restaurant menus
  • Guests staying more than one night will be asked if they would like their room serviced daily

Leisure Facilities:

  • If open gyms will be sanitised every two hours
  • Sanitiser will be available for guests in these leisure spaces
  • Swimming pools, spa pools and saunas may remain closed whilst pandemic restrictions are in place

Staff Hygiene:

  • Staff will be washing their hands every two hours at a minimum
  • No staff uniforms are to be worn off site
  • No staff will use any guest facility

Food & Beverage:

  • An a la carte menu will be available. When guest occupancy is high, a buffet will also be available.
  • Where possible, we are following recommended guidelines: a single server, seated guests, and spaced out tables for all our dining areas
  • Contact tracing in restaurants to help track patrons not staying at the hotel

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Staff are encouraged to wear a mask when they are unable to maintain physical distancing requirements. There is a safe disposal method for all used PPE and wipes
  • All staff are trained on new risks and hazards
  • Guests are encouraged to wear masks/face coverings whilst in public areas of the hotel (e.g. lobby, lifts)


  • Markings in the hotel will indicate where you can stand (e.g. at check-in or check-out, elevator waiting area)
  • We will continue to follow the NZ Governments 1 metre standard distancing rules where possible.
  • Hotels will continue to sanitise public spaces on a regular basis, including reception areas, bathrooms, elevators and stairwells
  • Our staff are here to ensure your safety
  • If at any stage you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to a hotel staff member

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