Here are 8 awesome things you can do while in Dunedin:

1. Dunedin Botanic Gardens

New Zealand’s first official botanic garden, this has been awarded as an International Garden of Significance. Take a walk up an extinct volcano, see native and international birds in the aviary and stunning sculptures and statues.

2. Otago Museum

With over 1.5 million items on display the Otago Museum is a haven for history lovers, space nuts and environmentalists alike. With a great variety of constant displays there are also changing exhibitions to keep learning and the brain engaged!

3. Street Art

Dunedin’s most popular free attraction is a walking trail exploring the 30+ street art murals dotted around the city. Local and international artists have created masterpieces for all to see. A definite must do and great day out.

4. Dunedin Flavour

Dunedin is full of incredible flavours, from international food trucks, casual cafes, and fresh local fare. Local artisan producers are dotted around the city supplying everything from peanut butter and chocolate right through to locally caught seafood and gourmet seasonings.

5. Larnach Castle

Get an insight into the Victorian lifestyle with New Zealand’s original castle, showcasing master craftsmanship and stunning restoration. Delve into a piece of history that is full of beauty, scandal and drama.

6. Fashion

This university city has an eclectic sense of style, and there is fashion for every style in Dunedin. The retail centre is based around George and Princes Streets, which is dotted with up and coming designers, internationally acclaimed boutiques and high street fashion outlets.

7. Theatre

No city is complete without a bit of arts and culture, and Dunedin is no exception. The Regent and Dunedin Town Hall are hailed as the city’s premium destinations for the dramatic arts, but The Globe is a haven for amateur theatre and small clubs dotted around the city are full of entertainment.

8. Speights Brewery

From then till now, make your way through nearly 150 years of brewing history, learning about the brewing process from grains right through to bottling and distribution. And don’t worry – you can participate in the all important taste test along with a bite to eat once the tour is complete!