Here are 10 reasons why:

#1 Dunedin is home to the steepest street in the world – Baldwin Street. We dare you to walk it!

#2 You’ll find some of the best fashion there with a load of budding designers living and working in Dunedin.

#3 The Scots settled Dunedin way back in… 1848 and because of that there’s some amazing old buildings that are definitely worth visiting!

#4 The world’s rarest penguin – The Yellow Eyed Penguin lives there. Must be a great place to set up home if they live there too.

#5 The city is full of students for most of the year, although this sounds terrible its not! It makes the place lively and interesting – just ask the locals!

#6 Dunedin has an incredible artistic community. You’ll find great art galleries, performances and amazing street art.

#7 Did you know there’s a Jaffa Race every year… down Baldwin Street? That’s right, a Jaffa Race – the little balls of orange chocolatey goodness. How great is that?!

#8 If you’re from the South Island of New Zealand it’s likely you are partial to a Speight’s Beer. Well did you know it all began in Dunedin? Join a brewery tour, learn the history and complete some tastings.

#9 There’s a bunch of quirky bars, cafe’s and restaurants popping up all the time. You’ll need locals advice here for the best spots.

#10 Larnach Castle is located in Dunedin and guess what… it’s New Zealand’s first castle. A must see when you visit.

There you have it, how awesome does Dunedin sound?