The city itself if full of stunning Gothic style architecture that gives a sense of grandeur and importance to everything that surrounds it. Tradition and heritage mix with innovative thinking and creative minds, leading to a unique offering of boutique designer fashion, street art, artisan products and incredible local cuisine.

The Octagon has a new lease on life, with eateries, alfresco dining and a vibrant nightlife – and where better to stay than walking distance to the heart of the city!? Scenic Hotel Dunedin City and Scenic Hotel Southern Cross are both just a couple of blocks from the centre of Dunedin; the best place to base yourself for your next trip a southern escape.

Now while we may have some technical difficulties around our claim to the title of “home to the world’s steepest street”, there is certainly no questioning the beauty of our surrounds, with rugged southern beaches perfect for surfing, hills ideal for a bike ride and unique wildlife that calls Dunedin home.

So forget that old stale grey image of the Dunedin of old, the colour and vibrancy of this quirky and creative city is shining through. Have your very own #dunnerstunner experience.