The Haast Area is included as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site – this means that the Haast Area offers significant natural value to the New Zealand and the local community and therefore is protected under this international treaty.

Haast is only 2 hours 45 minutes drive from Queenstown and 1 hour 50 minutes to Franz Josef Village. Although Haast has a certain ‘remoteness’ to it the township isn’t that far from other major tourist destinations in the South Island.

The Haast Pass is one of the most stunning roads in the country, along this road are plenty of marked walk ways but there is one that stands out – The Blue Pools. Wind your way through native bush, over a swing bridge with amazing views and reach The Blue Pools. The crystal clear, glacier fed pools are a sight to behold. They are regarded as a must see for international and kiwi tourists alike.

Haast is considered to be one of the best places for hunting and fishing, probably due to its remoteness. At certain times of the year you will find the small town bustling with hunters and at other times teeming with whitebaiters. It’s definitely worth stopping off for a meal in Haast to try some local fare.

Haast township is only a few minutes drive away from the coast line. The rustic beach is an amazing place to visit if you have time, there are plenty of walks and if you look hard enough you can even see Australia! (just kidding)