Cape Kidnapper’s Gannet Safaris has provided over 50 years of unique tours that bring you up close to the impressive Gannet seabirds and their thriving breeding grounds. The tour takes you from the coast to Cape Kidnappers, home to the world’s largest accessible Gannet colony in Hawke’s Bay.

Starting from Te Awanga, 4×4 vehicles traverse pristine coastline, farmland, and native bush to reach New Zealand’s largest privately-owned nature reserve. The guided safari offers a captivating journey to the top of Cape Kidnappers’ Gannet Colony, where you can witness over 20,000 gannets in their natural habitat, engaging in activities like nesting, preening, dancing, swooping, and diving into the sea. With the vast Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, this safari provides a unique opportunity to explore Aotearoa’s land, sea, and sky alongside these magnificent birds.

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