The fact that it is known as the rock of the Pacific sets the tone perfectly – it is almost like a fortress, set with dramatic cliffs that fall deep into the Pacific Ocean, and coral reefs at the mercy of incoming and outgoing tides. It is unique, special and a place of true untamed and unspoiled beauty.

There are hundreds of reasons to choose Niue for your next escape, but here are three of the key ones…

It feels undiscovered

Air New Zealand is the only commercial airline to fly to the island, and with two flights a week there is a limited amount of tourists on the island at any one time. This means that you can literally spend all day exploring, swimming, and trekking and hardly come across a soul.  However, the locals are so friendly. If you spend a few days out and about on the small island you will likely end up with a sore arm from waving to everyone!

You can watch ocean wildlife close up

Niue sits along the migration path for Humpback whales. From July through to November you are most likely to see one of these gentle giants on their way to Tonga. Located along the rugged coastline, Scenic Matavai Resort Niue offers the perfect viewing deck for whales, dolphins and even turtles.

The water is sublime

Exquisite barely touches the surface when you are describing the crystal clear waters of Niue. There is a visibility of up to 90-meters off shore, which is almost the length of an entire rugby field under water, and the rock pools feel like you are swimming in an invisible bubble. It simply has to be seen to be believed.

There is a self-serve bar

There is a bar called Washaway that is only open on Sundays. The best bit about this amazing bar is that its run on an honesty system. Sit down have a pizza then pop up to the bar, pour yourself a drink, write it down in the book and pay at the end!

You can step into an alien landscape

Volcanic rocks and dense tropical forests make the island seem almost other worldly. Niue is a haven of caves and chasms that are primed for adventure. Those which are safe to explore have clear entry points and paths, rocks to clamber over and hidden pools to discover. The forests feel like you could bump into a dinosaur at any stage, and the walks are filled with birdsong and the odd local ‘crabby’ visitor!

Undiscovered, uncrowded and uncomplicated. Niue is the destination that you have been dreaming of, a million miles away but only a 3.5 hour flight. Actively relax, disconnect and release your tension as you explore this pacific paradise with a with difference.