Niue has been described as one of the most “unmissable, under-the-radar” places on the planet. A haven for nature lovers, Niue has to be one of the world’s most incredible “soft adventure” destinations. Each day is packed with unique natural features and offers an exciting and new experience. Mountain biking around the island is a popular pursuit, especially when the island is dotted with fabulous clifftop cafes, points of interest and beautiful swimming spots in the naturally formed chasms and water holes, many of which are bigger than most swimming pools. With water clarity that snorkelers and divers dream about, there is something for everyone to explore on or under the water. From secluded swimming spots to deep ocean dive experiences, all levels of confidence and capability can be accommodated. On-island water based activity provider, ‘Niue Blue,’ is located next to the Scenic Matavai Resort and is the Niue arm of multi-award-winning New Zealand dive operator, Dive! Tutukaka. Local fishing charters will give even the unluckiest fisherfolk the best opportunity to hook a big one. There are also dolphin watching and open ocean snorkel activities on offer.

Around the island, active relaxers can enjoy jungle hikes, cycling, swimming and exploration of places such as the legendary Togo chasm, complete with a ladder descent that is quite legendary.

If your inner hunter-gatherer is calling, check in with your hotel concierge to find out how to join a local on a night Uga hunt – Uga being the local, very large and very colourful land crab. Prized not only for its stunning appearance, the Uga is also a local delicacy.

Near the town centre of Alofi, visitors are welcome at the local Niue Golf Club, where they can enjoy a friendly 9-hole island-styled course.

The town centre of Alofi also has a selection of shops, including crafts and souvenirs. Visitors will also find internationally renowned artist Mark Cross’ gallery here. Market day in the town centre is well worth a visit, both for a glimpse into island life and to see local weaving and crafts on display.

Close to the Scenic Matavai Resort, in the village of Hakupu, visitors will find exquisite pieces carved from local ebony wood by Jack Feleti. Guided walks and talks are available by appointment.

Niue may be small, but it packs a punch when it comes to things to do. For those seeking out the ultimate in calm and relaxation, Niue also offers the perfect place to disconnect from the stresses of city life and reconnect with nature in the most relaxing of ways.