Dolphin Restaurant & Bar

Relax in the Dolphin Restaurant located at Scenic Matavai Resort and enjoy a meal from the menu influenced by both Niuean and European Cuisine and then stroll down to the Pool Bar for a cocktail while watching the sun go down (Happy hour is from 5pm to 6pm). Fully Licensed Bar. Restaurant is open daily for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Check out the Resort Entertainment Guide for cultural shows, traditional dinner evenings (reservations are a must for these evenings!).

Other Dining Options in Niue

There are plenty of dining options around Niue catering for a variety of tastes. Hours and days of operation vary and are not always as they are listed (depending on staff, what flight schedule is running, and the availability of fish/produce). For popular nights Thursday’s and Friday’s you’ll need to reserve a table as many venues are popular with locals and visitors alike. During the day and on other nights your best bet is to just see who is open when you’re in the area (the wonderful thing about Niue is that it doesn’t take too long getting around). Sunday’s are a time of rest on the island so many places will be closed, however, local institution ‘Washaway Cafe’ opens on Sunday only and is highly rated.

All Relativf Cocktail Bar & Snacks

Fully licenced bar serving beer, wine, spirits, smoothies and mocktails. Hot pies and snacks also available. Open Monday to Saturday from 2pm to 11pm. Located at the Swansons complex.

Instagram: All Relativf

Buk Buk Chicken

If you’re craving some delicious fried chicken then look no further than Buk Buk Chicken. Located in the heart of Alofi village (just behind the bank), Buk Buk is open Wed-Fri 11am to 3:30pm and Sat-Sun 6pm to 8pm.

Crazy Uga’s Cafe

Located just south of Alofi village next to the Utoko Sea Track, amazing ocean views, great service from a friendly team. Fully licenced bar and restaurant open all days except Sunday.

Fana’s Cafe

Located in the Swansons Complex, stopping by Fana’s for breakfast, lunch or a snack is highly recommended during your stay. Open Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm.

Hio Café

Located on the north west of Niue between Tuapa and Namukulu, Hio Cafe is a quirky seaside red rustic container overlooking Hio Beach. Serving light refreshments, meals, wood-fired pizza, and a range of beverages. A perfect spot to relax after a snorkel in the nearby Limu Pools.

Facebook: Hio Cafe

Kaiika Gourmet Cuisine & Avi’s Ark

Offering authentic Japanese cuisine – sushi, sashimi and tempura. Kaiika also offers homemade pizza. Avi’s Ark serves lunch and great premium ice cream in many flavours with fantastic ocean views. Fully licenced. Bookings are recommended.

Open Monday to Saturday

Facebook: KaiIka

Lilo’s Restaurant

Serving local Umu delicacies.

Facebook: Lilo’s Restaurant/Lisepa Misikea
Youtube: Lilo’s Restaurant

Runaway Bar

Located at the Hanan Niue International Airport, this cafe opens for departing passengers. Offering an excellent array of fresh sandwiches, pastries and a variety of beverages.

Talo’s Restaurant & Buffet

Talo’s brings food, family and tradition together to give you a great feeling, the Niuean way. Located opposite Niue High School, bookings are essential.

Tavana’s Café

Fish and chips, burgers, chicken, pasta meals and more. Located in the Commercial Centre of Alofi.

Vaiolama Café and Bar

Vaiolama’s is another not to be missed destination with Thursday nights being the spot to be (make sure you book ahead!). Serving cabinet foods, juicy burgers, toasted sandwiches and great coffee, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Facebook: Vaiolama Cafe and Bar

Vanilla Cafe Bar & Restaurant

Serving a mix of international dishes (primarily delicious indian curries) with some sensational specialities like Pork Lechon (Portuguese Suckling Pig). Open all days except Monday, Vanilla Cafe is located in the Alofi Commercial Centre.

Facebook: Vanilla Cafe Bar & Restaurant 

Washaway Cafe

Open on Sunday’s only, the Washaway Cafe is another not to be missed Niuean experience. Find the licenced cafe in Avatele (head down the lane to the harbour) just a few minutes drive from the Matavai Resort. Known for it’s fresh fish, tasty burgers and pizzas.


For those wishing to self-cater whilst staying on Niue there are several places you can purchase groceries from. The main supermarket is Swanson Supermarket located just a few minutes from the airport. Groceries are also available at Central Services located in Alofi South (this also the island petrol station) and at Double M located in the Commercial Centre Alofi.

You can also bring in frozen meats (purchased from NZ butcher or supermarkets – ensure these retain all their packaging/labelling and bring receipts), produce (cannot be homegrown) and grocery items to Niue (ensure these are packed in appropriate cooler boxes as approved by the airline). This is recommended if you have special dietary requirements (e.g. Gluten-free) as specialty items may not be available on the island. The only forbidden items are honey (even if it was produced in NZ) – Niue is a protected bee sanctuary so no items containing honey are allowed into the country, homegrown fruits, vegetables, or herbs, and free-range eggs.

All food items must be declared on arrival.  Refer to the What to Declare page for more information.